Wasting time

Sloth, A one-of-a-kind 3D Renderer for the CLI, Written in Rust

With over 2000 Reddit upvotes, 250 stars on Github, half a dozen forks, I present to you, a detailed overview of sloth – a 3D software-rasterizing, OBJ, and STL loading, Pikachu and Suzanne rotating, command-line app!


What I did in may (2018)

On the 12-18th, I attended the national science fair, after winning a gold medal and special award at my regional fair. Around the end of May I competed in the Entrepreneurship Olympics, hosted by the St. John’s YMCA. Students enrolled in Entrepreneurship 3209 competed for awards valued over $3500 cash where I won first place

Game Development

Progress on Silicon Tycoon

This is the first official update for the Silicon Tycoon PC game I’ve been working on. I posted to java-gaming but never ended up seeing any feedback, so I’m going to post new information to this wordpress from now on. I’m starting it all off with updates on the new assets!